Landscaping goes beyond just creating a beautiful landscape design. The professional landscaper has to go through many steps of proper planning and designing to bring a landscape to life. And although in most areas, the elements will remain the same for years, but in other areas you must take in to factor what future weather will have on your landscaping.

Deck / Patio

One of the most common landscape design features is a deck or patio. You can hire a Little Rock landscaping company to build one or you can just build it yourself. Depending on the size of deck, or if you want to pour concrete for a patio, you may want to consult with a local landscaper to get a better idea of what materials you need.

Rock Gardens

With the rise in popularity over the past few years, rock gardens offer great curb appeal. The best part is, rock gardens do not need much water and most plants you would use are very tough and can withstand harsh weather.

Flower Beds

A flower bed offers a vibrant surprise to your guests. Flowers make a beautiful edition to any landscape design, offering a great spring time feel. If you are considering adding a flower bed to your landscaping, then be sure to have an assortment of colors, but don’t over do it! Always remember that less is MORE!

Fireplace / Firepit

A fireplace makes a great gathering space for your family and guests. If you want to add a fireplace to your backyard landscaping, then you may want to check with a local landscaping company for some help. But installing a firepit is much easier to get the job done on your own.